How To Overcome Stress In The Theatre Surgery Room

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While performing surgery, doctors and surgeons present in the operating room can encounter a series of stressful situations. Although they are trained to work under pressure, some instances can really shake them. This is the reason why nurses follow some best practices to overcome stressful situations and improve the environment of the surgery room.

In order to maintain it, you need to follow and implement different habits and practices. If you are a doctor or someone who needs to be present in the surgery room, you might wonder about things that you can do to overcome stress. This blog will give you some effective tips on how to do that. 

Build A Support Base

Firstly, you need to keep in mind that while performing an operation, you are not the only one in the  OR. There are other individuals as well. Thus, your actions and decisions can affect them just like their actions can affect you. Apart from the professionals present in the OR, you must have a sound team for pre-operative measures.

Make sure to have a competent support base. You must have administrators, nursing managers, patient safety representatives, senior-level surgeons and anesthesiologists by your side. All of these individuals

Practice Time Management

Stress and time go hand in hand. Also, when it’s a matter of someone’s life, you are always short on time. Thus, make sure to have an effective time management plan. It will help you save time in various areas.

Doing so can give you extra time for more crucial things in the OR. Once you know, you have enough time to perform surgery; your mind will automatically be stress-free.

Make The Patient Comfortable

You must have preoperative nursing managers on your team. Their task is to check the vitals of the patients and prep them for surgery. They are also responsible for making the patient comfortable with it.

Imagine having a stressed-out patient who is not at all comfortable with the idea of surgery. Situations like these can create pressure on surgeons. Therefore, make sure to make the patients comfortable.

Remove Anything Or Anyone From The OR Which Can Cause Stress

If it’s not important or does not affect your surgical procedure but can potentially stress you out in the middle of the surgery, just remove it. It could be anything, such as a chair, that could be distracting you. If there is no use for it, have it removed before it causes any blunder.

Select Surgeons Who Have Performed Surgeries Together In The Past

If it’s a complicated or once-in-a-lifetime surgery, you need people you can trust. Thus, choose your team wisely and make sure to choose the ones who have been with you in the OR before.

Use A Little Music To Calm The Nerves

Anesthesiologist Dr Anthony Singh always emphasises the importance of music in the OR room. It is true that music has a calming effect. So, to calm your nerves, a little music in the OR won’t hurt.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the simple ways that you can implement in your OR to have a stress free environment. They might seem easy, but they are effective in the long run. Go ahead and try to inculcate these practices in your theatre surgery room and see the difference yourself.

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