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Petite Livrie

Just 3 years after Giselle founded Petite Livrie, the label has established some serious bespoke credentials.

The couturier's winning formula is having a brand synergy when it comes to femininity, attention for detail and elegance as these editorial images depict.

Tell us your brief history with Petite Livrie. How did the name come about?

I was honoured to work as part of a close design team for a prominent Australian Bridal Couture House. Working closely with brides both designing and constructing their gowns, it was my dream job. Leaving only to start a family, Couture had to remain part of my life, so my label Livrie emerged. I worked as a private couturier exclusively by referral, while raising my daughters Sabine and Mira. For my eldest daughter’s 2nd birthday, I designed couture that reflected her personality and this was the beginning of Petite Livrie.

An ancient variation of the name Olivia, the name Livrie is a tribute to my family and a beautiful way to honour the historic and increasingly forgotten techniques that I have acquired.

What were you doing before Petite Livrie?

Before Petite Livrie, I was obsessed with all things couture and learning from my incredible mentors.

What’s it like running a bespoke business? What are the challenges you’re faced with?

Running a bespoke business presents a new set of challenges for each design. It may be finding the perfect shade of blush silk from a supplier in Paris or hand beading meters of Italian tulle. I'm often sending custom dresses to international photo shoots with no time to spare, but embracing the fast paced opportunities has been an incredible journey.

Where are your customers mainly from and how do they discover you?

Majority of my clients are international, located all over the world. They always find me on Instagram or know one of my Petite clients.

What is the process in placing a custom made order? How long is the turnaround period from design to the finish product?

The process typically begins with a few details about a special event. With some inspiration from the client’s own personality and any details they dream up, I sketch some designs. Once the design is chosen, I source the fine fabrics and begin hand drafting a pattern to their measurements. Depending on the design, turnaround times can range from 2 to 6 months.

What is your vision for the brand? Where do you see it going in the next few years?

My vision for Petite Livrie includes Petite trunk shows and couturier locations in Europe.