Here Are 7 Simple Ways To Save Money On Children’s Clothes – Hands Down!

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Children grow like weeds. And it is not a surprise when they outgrow their brand new clothes,
sometimes within weeks! Parents spend a lot of money on their clothes and accessories, only to
have to give them away because the kids out grow them in a very short span of time. The practical
way to go about this is not to spend a fortune on children’s clothes. But if you are parents, we are
sure you understand the uncontrollable urge to buy everything pretty for your kids. Then how can we
be less wasteful and still manage to give our kids the best possible outfits?

Here are a few tricks you can use to save money on children’s clothes:

1) Buy off Season: When the season ends, the clothes are sold at almost throw away prices.
You know how old your little one will be next year, so select that age and buy at the best
stores, at less than half the prices. You will be able to afford brilliant outfits, without having
to compromise on quality, and you will save a ton of money. No one will know next year that
you bought it from the year-end sale the year before.

2) Sales Sales Sales: Every store has frequent sales, which have significant discounts that you
can avail. There is no need to buy a child’s outfit as soon as it hits the store. Find out when
the sales are and buy when they start. You can definitely save money by making your
purchases on sales.

3) Online Shopping: Online stores usually have great promotions and discounts going on. You
may be able to find brands that are not that well known but their merchandise is just as
fashionable as the big brands. Another reason to buy online is that there are discount
coupons available for most of these sites. These discount coupons help you save 50% to 70%
on your shopping.

4) Look for Start-ups: New clothing brands usually start off with promotional prices and you
may be able to get a very decent outfit in half of what it would actually cost. The new brands
are trying to establish a client base and would have great quality with great prices.

5) Swap with Friends: We have established that children don’t wear their clothes for long, so if
kept carefully, the used clothes are as good as new. So you can always swap clothes with
your friends and family.

6) Hand me Downs: If you plan on having more children, save your first child’s clothes,
whether boy or girl, for the next one. Babies can wear any colour and design. So even if you
end up having a girl after your boy, she can wear her elder brother’s t-shirts and shorts etc.

7) Play Clothes: Buy cheap play clothes sets from department stores, thrift shops or garage
sales. This way the kids can play and use these clothes more often, and the more expensive
clothes can be kept looking brand new, only to be worn to special places or outings.

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