Top 10 Color Trends from the Spring/Summer 2020 Runways

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Every year brings changes in all spheres of life, new things emerge and old things get transformed. Fashion is not an exception, dresses, their colours and the style and trends of wearing them also change with time. Other than professional designers, no one exactly knows how to bring new colors and style into fashion. A designer has the capability to play with traditional outfits to extract something new out of it. In Australia, the online fashion boutique like Billy J has introduced new color trends that are also exhibited at Australian fashion weeks. It will not be wrong to say that in Australia, 2020 will see bright colors, pastel hues, and acidic tones. The following are the top 10 colour trends that are dominating the runways already.

Cerulean blue

The bright digital blue colour was seen as a colour preferred by a number of fashion houses in various fashion shows, especially in Australian fashion week. The Camilla Marc resort, The Joseph resort, the Bondi bort resort all depicted their collection in blue.

Purple Wave

Purple was not really in fashion in 2019, but it has made a comeback in 2020 with designers using deep and bright purple colours in their fashion collection.


For summers, many designers have experimented with various hues of green and it is not wrong to say that the most used colour was neo-mint. Emma Mulholland presented a range of neo-mint dresses at Australian fashion week.

Sage Green

Sage green has got all the attention at the fashion weeks as it has all the credentials to be a no number 1 colour trend of 2020.


Dark colours are usually not for summers, but Australian designers have incorporated wearable earth brown coloured dresses in fashion weeks. On the runway, chocolate brown was quite dominant since it gives a royal touch.

Red Earth

A combination of beige and rust, red earth is a fresh, velvety and safe option. The Tran seasonal quality of red earth makes it prominent among all colour trends.

Turmeric yellow

Yellow is indeed a colour of summers, but if you think yellow is too bright, then you have new, bold turmeric yellow to wear. Turmeric yellow dress pieces ruled many international and Australian fashion weeks.

Cool Grey

Much more elegant than other hues, cool grey is a fresh addition in summer colour trends. The demand for cool-toned greys with plain black or white pieces has compelled the designers to bring back the basics.

Ink Black

With ink black, the designers have brought back the pure and extraordinary world of black in trend. Taking this colour, many designers have shown a range of small and full-length dresses.

Clean white

No other dress makes you feel fresher than a plain white coloured dress that never goes out of fashion. Michael Lo Sordo and many other fashion houses exhibited a unique range of beautiful white dresses.

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