10 Important Tips for Pregnant Women

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From the moment a woman conceives a child, until after the baby is born, there are countless things pregnant women need to be aware of. Pregnancy care is very crucial for the betterment of both the mother and the child. From pregnancy workouts to knowing exactly what classifies as a medical emergency, pregnant women need to learn a lot, which could also lead to additional stress, and that stress combined with hormonal imbalances and mood swings, pregnancy can be quite tough.

Here we have listed important pregnancy care guidelines that will help plan your entire pregnancy and reduce stress levels.

A Healthy Diet is Important: Healthy eating is the key to a safe and healthy pregnancy and eventually a healthy child. Consider adding loads of fruits and vegetables to your daily diet and add a balance of proteins. Fish is best for the brain development of your child and experts suggest eating fish at least 3 times a week during pregnancy. Keep yourself properly hydrated with at least 6 glasses of water every day and avoid fizzy drinks and junk food.

Avoid Smoking & Alcohol:  Alcohol, drugs and cigarettes are very harmful for your body and even more dangerous if you are pregnant. Completely avoid alcohol and cigarettes during pregnancy to avoid harm to the baby. Doctors even advise against OTC drugs as too much medication can also be troublesome for your baby.

Pre-Natal Exercises: Too much rest and unhealthy eating during pregnancy can cause a lot of unnecessary weight gain and lead to complications during the birthing process. Maintain your weight during pregnancy by choosing a healthy diet and prenatal exercises Start swimming, walking and choose exclusive pregnancy workout sessions. Exercise not only helps you stay fit and active during pregnancy but also makes labour easier and decreases the chances of cesarean surgery. 

Get to Know Your Body: Learn about how much your body is changing during pregnancy. Talk to your friends who are already mothers, or talk to your mother as well as your doctor to understand the growth of your baby. Monitor your bodily changes and read about labour and birth. You can also attend pregnancy and childbirth classes to better understand your body.

Stay Well Rested: Not sleeping well is generally and unhealthy habit. When you are pregnant, adjust your sleeping routines and sleep at least 8 hours a day to keep your body well rested and healthy. Also once the baby arrives, you might have sleepless nights so it’s better to gear up beforehand.

Make Your Well Being Your First Priority: You might have countless responsibilities at home and at work but during pregnancy, your wellbeing should be your first priority as it directly reflect on the wellbeing of your baby. Manage the stress levels in your life and preferably practice meditation to reduce the stress.

Consider Birthing Options: It is best that you consider and decide your birthing options in advance. Decide the hospital where you would like to give birth or consider if you are more interested in giving birth at home or a birthing center with a midwife. It’s better to also choose the doctor or midwife in advance and consult the same health practitioner throughout the pregnancy so that they understand your body better.

Pregnancy is a very special time not just for the woman and the father but for the entire family. Enjoy this time and make the most of this beautiful transition by staying positive, active and healthy!

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