7 Kids Shoe Fitting Hacks That’ll Change Your Life

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Imagine investing in branded shoes for your kids just to find them not wearing them. Perhaps they outgrow it or just don’t like the fitting. What do you do at that point? Well, here are some tips to help you out:

1. Buy Half A Size Bigger

Make sure to always buy half a size bigger. That’s the beauty of kids shoes. They come in different sizes, including half a size bigger or smaller. Most folks try to buy the ones that fit their kids snuggly. But, your kid is growing and will need some space.

2. Don’t Forget The Width

When you buy shoes, you might find the accurate length, and it will have the fitting, but what about the width? Most shoes only have a number for length. That’s why you would have to test various shoes and find the ones that also fit in width. The best way is to ensure that the shoes aren’t bulging from the sides in any way and that the sole of the shoes is bigger than the feet of your kid.

If you buy children’s shoes online, make sure to buy from a dealer with a return policy or proper sizing guidelines for the shoes.

3. Change The Insoles For Comfort

One of the best things that you can do is change the insole. All kids’ shoes nowadays come with removable insoles. Buy the ones that have gel or foam build for comfort. This works great for active kids. It will offer long-lasting comfort to them.

4. Use Extra Insoles For Fitting

Apart from changing insoles, if you have a bigger size and there’s some slipping or lack of snug fit, try using two insoles. The use of two insoles will provide more cushion and comfort and also help with the size issue. It is one of the best ways to secure shoes for kids as they are still in the growing stage.

5. Use Tongue Cushion For Heels

Indeed, many people state that they can make up for the thickness of the shoes with extra insoles, but what about the length? The length can cause loose shoes or even blisters due to friction. That’s where tongue cushions will come into play.

If you have bought a bigger size, make sure to have thicker tongue cushions. They will also help with the blisters.

6. Using A Gel For Blisters

If your kid’s skin is reactive even to the tongue cushions, you can try using gel or lubricant for the heels. Most people use gel deodorant on their heels. It helps with friction and prevents blisters. That is one of the best ways for you to fit the shoes without causing blisters to the kids.

7. Lace Technique For Better Fit

Your kids are looking for adventure most of the time, so there’s no need for you to invest in some runway shoes for them to look stylish all the time. Try to tie laces that go around their feet and hold the foot. This way, they can’t easily undo the knot, which often pushes the shoe backwards to keep it fit and prevent it from slipping away.

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