3 Strategies For Getting Kids Off Devices

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Devices like IPads and smartphones have become immensely popular, especially among children. Whether it`s playing a game or watching a cartoon show, some children have become addicts. Most kids end up throwing tantrums if you try to take those devices away from them. However, children are not the only ones who should be held accountable as parents are equally responsible for this. Parents need to decide what kind of activities they want to enforce in their child`s life and at the same time try to minimize the use of these devices.

Sometimes parents want to take a break and spend some alone time or they might have to finish up some pending work, therefore, they end up giving their child an iPad or their phones so that they could stay busy on them while they get their work done. Everyone likes to enjoy some stress-free time, but parents should really consider other choices before deciding to give their child any kind of device.

Our lifestyles have a huge implication on our children if we are using cell phones around 24/7 they would want to do the same, so it is important you keep changing your child`s routine, especially in terms of after school activities. During the summer season, if they are bored at home, then take them to the neighbourhood park, teach them how to bake or swim, or take them outside to ride their bicycles. They can also enjoy other outdoor activities for which they don’t have to go outside their home, they can do gardening or the parents can set up a trampoline in their backyard. Trampolines In Australia has become a popular choice for most parents as it doesn’t take much time to set it up, but it is, however, an expensive option in terms of cost.

It can be any kind of physical and mental activity as long as they are not using any kind of device. Here are some strategies to get kids off devices:

1) Limit screen time

Whenever your child wants to use their iPad to play a game or do some homework related activity, set up a timeline for them. Don’t let them hog onto the devices for long, simply just buy a desktop computer that all the members of the family have to use turn by turn. This will help you stay in control unlike when the child is using a portable device like an iPad.

2) Set a good example

It is really important to understand that your kids follow or learn things from you. Spend time with your children; plan some fun activity to do with them each day. Eat together; watch movies together don’t just keep on using your cell phone in front of your kids. Focus on prioritizing on what`s important as children learn from their parents only and set the correct example for your kids.

3) You are in charge

Make sure your child understands that you are the boss. If the kids are using those devices for a long time and don’t want to put them away, then your obvious course of action will be to restrict their access. Give them a warning first if they don’t listen, then simply take their device away. Take it one step at a time because worrying about the issue will not help resolve not the problem.

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