How Different Sounds Can Be Soothing?

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You must have heard many people saying that classical music can be good to put kids to sleep or those who have trouble with sleeping are asked to listen to the waves crashing on the beach. Well, research shows that different sounds tend to be soothing to our years and can be peace inducing.

This is because we tend to associate pleasant and happy memories or occasions to those sounds. The sounds of the beach or the animals are always perceived as relaxing and calming because since we were little, we have been told that these sounds are meant to relax us.  This is the way we may associate a color or trend to our memories and find it appealing.

Not being able to relax can cause many problems in our daily lives. It can range from having bad skin to feeling cranky and moody all the time. So if you are feeling overburdened, need a break or just want to relax for a little bit, then the sounds we have listed down below are for you. Not only will they help you relax, but they may aid in sleeping too. These sounds are also often used in yoga classes to relax the clients. You can now look for yoga audio classes here.

  1. Ocean sounds

This is the sound that comes to mind when we talk about relaxing and calming sounds. But not just the ocean, any sound associated with water like the flowing river or the light splatter of rain can be very comforting to humans. Research believes and shows that this is because the sound waves associated with it can promote relaxation. Also, we have associated water with relaxation hence when we hear it, it makes us feel calmer.

  • Nature sounds

If you were to explore calming applications or videos, all of them would be filled with sounds of nature, birds, and the forest. This is because nature tends to be very relaxing for us. Research has shown that when listening to sounds of nature, people tend to show outward-focused attention rather than inward-focused attention. Inward focused-attention is associated with anxiety and stress while outward focus is for a more relaxed state in which the body even digests. Not only do these promote relaxation, but also may promote sleep.

  • Music

Many people tend to sleep with music on. However, it is suggested that you choose music with just instruments and no lyrics. It has many benefits like lowering of blood pressure and heart rate, soothing anxiety, and helping calm a racing mind. It is even found through research that listening to classical music helped young adults sleep better than without music as it helped relax their mind better and in soothing their anxious feelings.  However, your favorite Rihanna or Jay-Z song isn’t the music we are talking about here. It is recommended that you choose music that has slow rhythms and has about 60-80 beats per minute.

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