5 Tips to Maintain Healthy Eyesight

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Have you ever wondered how many people struggle with their vision and have to wear eye glasses and contact lenses since their eyesight is far from ideal?

Well, according to studies, 70% of adults suffer from poor vision, and lack in showing productive results when compared to an average person with a healthy eyesight.

There are many healthy ways to maintain your eyesight. Listed below are five tips that you could follow to maintain a healthy eyesight:

  • Eye-Exercise

When we stare at screens for longer time periods, our eyes begin to take a toll, and then continuous rubbing and squinting them can make the case worse. Hence, instead of continuously poking into your eyes, you can follow this easy eye exercise step by step.

• Lie back and relax your shoulders and straighten up your neck

• Close your eyes momentarily to relax your eye muscles before you begin

• Now look straight to your left, and slowly start rolling your eyes up towards the ceiling

• Keep rolling them to your right and then to the floor to your left

• Repeat this process five times, and then again five time, but counter clockwise

Doing this eye exercise will really help you get some relief from your tired and sore eyes. It will also strengthen your eye muscles.

  • Sunglasses

This dark adaptation of wearing sunglasses in the daylight really helps with the night vision. If you live in a region where the climate becomes really hot and rigid during summers, then wearing sunglasses is one of the best options. For instance, Oakley prescription sunglasses in Australia offer great assistance in providing shaded glass wears, which protect the eyes from harsh UV rays, reduce the glare, and is seen to increase visual comfort on sunny days.

  • Home Remedies

There are a number of home remedies for your healthy eyesight, but aloe vera has proven to show the best results. Aloe Vera is a miracle plant and people have been using it as a natural medicine for years. It delivers quick and effective results, serving as a vital tool for improving the eyesight as well. It provides antioxidants and vitamins, which are essential for your eye membrane and helps you regain your eyesight.

  • Activities

Participation in outdoor activities such as walking, hiking, skiing, and climbing helps you to preserve your eye health, especially in case of children. The strategies for getting kids off devices such as iPads and smartphones, helps them to improve their vision and develop reasoning abilities in them. Non-toy ideas for kids can be a great initiative towards betterment of their mindset and it really helps with improving eyesight as well, perhaps you can give them colourful clay, which will be a treat to their eyes, or buy them an instrument to enhance their skill set.

  • Healthy Food

Eating healthy food for your eyesight can also work miraculously. Dark green leafy vegetables can help prevent retinal damage, and it also reduces the risk of developing eye strain due to the prolonged use of eye gadgets. For instance, consuming fish due to its richness in omega-3 fatty acids helps prevent dry eyes and aids in visual development.

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