Tips to Potty Train Your Toddler

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If the number of diapers you have to change daily has significantly reduced or your child has started becoming grossed out from smelly diapers and if your child has finally started giving clear signals or actually telling you that they are about to poop, congratulations! It’s time to delve into the next step of parenting and that is potty training. All these signs are a clear indication that your child is just about ready for potty training.

Here are some quick tips to help you potty train your toddler.

  1. Switch to Pull-Up Diaper Pants: The first step to potty training is replacing the conventional diapers to pull up pants which your toddler can pull up and down themselves to give them a bit of control. Every time they signal that they want to poop or pee, take them to the bathroom and let them pull their pants down themselves or do it on your own the first few times.
  2. Get a Fun Potty: With all that wide variety of baby gears available, potties are in no less variety. In order to make potty training fun for your kid, get a musical potty chair or one that is shaped as your baby’s favorite cartoon character. Make the whole experience fun and games so that your little one doesn’t freak out on the potty and actually enjoys while you make them sit there for longer stretches of time.
  3. Be Patient: Don’t expect your kid to sit on the potty seat the first time and poop there and then. A lot of kids can even freak out from potty seats while others might just demand they use the adult toilet instead. Give your kid a lot of time to adjust to the potty. Sit with them in the toilet and encourage them.
  4. Let them Roam Around without Diapers: Set a diaper free routine for your kid and let your toddle roam around without any diapers or underwear, preferably in a room where the floor can be easily wipe. Let them run around and watch for any signs they might give for when they are about to poop or pee. Take them to the potty seat immediately.
  5. Keep Your Baby Motivated: Right from the day you start potty training, tell your baby that now that he/she is ready to use the potty, it means he/she is growing up. You can also promise small treats or gifts for every time your kid tells you they want to go to the loo or every time you check their diaper and find it dry. This encourages them to practice control and let you know whenever they want to poop or pee.
  6. Introduce Potty Time Activities: While you make your kid sit on the potty, make the most of that time. Introduce fun activities which your child could do while sitting on the potty chair. Get non-toy gifts for your kid that he/she could play with while sitting or simply read them a good story.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about potty training, however, remember to be patient and persistent because this one can take quite some time. On the other hand if you are out of the potty training scare but you have kids that demand a lot of screen time you might want to read our article on how to keep your kids of gadgets.

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